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Antique Hardwoods & Beams began as an answer to a simple question: Why should builders in Western North Carolina pay to ship in antique lumber from suppliers scattered across the country when there is plenty of it right here?

AHB Warehouse

AHB Warehouse

Bob Dylewski, founder of Bronco Construction, decided that he could better serve his clients with a green, cost effective source of indigenous wood.

He created AH&B to rescue and preserve the antique chestnut, oak, and hemlock that was going to waste in old tobacco barns and sheds within a 100-mile radius of Mills River. Rather than leave it to rot in a field, AH&B now carefully protects, stacks, and houses this lumber under roof in a 12,000 square-foot warehouse.

If you’d like to add some local history to your next building project, visit the AH&B warehouse. Our reclaimed hardwood and beams can help you create distinctive floors, doors, ceilings, furniture, and more. To see some possibilities for what you can do with reclaimed lumber, check out our photo gallery of finished products.

Also visit us at Bronco Construction!