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Reclaimed lumber not only adds character and charm to your projects, but its use also makes us good stewards of our natural resources. Our region is rich in old structures made with valuable barnwood chestnut, mixed oaks, or hemlock. Rather than deplete new-growth resources, AH&B salvages and recycles this beautiful antique wood so that it doesn’t go to waste.


Our fresh-sawn chestnut is ideal for doors, paneling, cabinets, trim, and other products that put the wood’s wormy texture and patterns on full display. Chestnut was the lumber of choice in the U.S. prior to the blight of the early 20th century, and thanks to AH&B, you can still add this piece of history to your next building project.


Our mixed red & white oaks are perfect hardwoods for adding rich color, durability, and an aged appearance to floors as well as furniture, paneling, molding, and other projects.


Demand is also rising for hemlock, and as supply sinks for newly harvested trees, AH&B can serve as source for antique versions of this highly prized wood.

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